Tanker caught in ditch near Green Mountain

T-R PHOTO BY ADAM SODDERS — A tanker truck carrying liquid nitrogen sits stuck in a ditch near the Koch Nitrogen facility Friday morning.

GREEN MOUNTAIN — A tanker truck hauling liquid nitrogen got stuck on a roadside south of Green Mountain Friday, and sheriff’s deputies responded to provide traffic control.

The incident occurred at the roadway entrance of the Koch Nitrogen facility near the intersection of Garwin Road and Wallace Avenue.

“It’s not a reportable crash, it just got stuck coming out of the driveway,” said Marshall County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Ben Veren. “The truck’s hauling refrigerated liquid nitrogen. It’s not hazardous.”

The liquid nitrogen turned to gas when exposed to the outside air, producing some steam-like clouds around the accident site. No injuries were reported in the incident.

Veren said they were on-site beginning around 8 a.m. Friday.

He said the sheriff’s office was called to provide traffic control while crews worked to clear the roadway.