Witness in recent case charged with harassing county attorney


A Marshalltown woman and the spouse of a recent defendant in a sex abuse case was charged with interference with official acts and harassment by personal contact.

On Wednesday, Hollie Lillibridge, 47, was charged with harassment after she went to the home of Marshall County Attorney Jennifer Miller on May 4, according to a Marshalltown Police Department report. Miller was the prosecutor in the ongoing case at the time against Lillibridge’s husband, Todd Lillibridge.

He had been charged with three counts of sexual abuse against a relative, but was later found not guilty on all counts by the jury on May 10. Hollie Lillibridge testified on his behalf during the trial.

She pleaded not guilty to the charges which are simple misdemeanors. The plea was entered by Hollie Lillibridge’s attorney Jennifer Frese, according to court documents. Jennifer Frese and Chad Frese represented her husband during the trial.

The interference with official acts charge was the result of Lillibridge knowingly obstructing a known peace officer during the execution of a court order to obtain her cell phone. The court order was served on the last day of her husband’s trial in the Max Building where temporary courtrooms are setup while the Marshall County Courthouse is repaired.

A call to Marshalltown Police inquiring about why the cell phone was taken was not returned by time of press.