Green Castle partial road closure starts this week

T-R FILE PHOTO — Visitors will still be able to use most of Green Castle Recreation Area while construction on the west silt retention dam takes place into the end of July.

FERGUSON — One of the main roadways within Green Castle Recreation Area is set to be closed for the next several weeks for construction at the park’s west silt retention pond dam.

The west silt retention pond is a small body of water located on the southwest side of the park, with a small dam separating it from Green Castle Lake.

“The west silt pond dam had some damage to the overflow tube and we need to replace that,” said Marshall County Conservation Board Director Mike Stegmann. “We also need to raise the elevation of that dam for water-holding capacity to bring that to current code.”

He said the overflow tube had collapsed after years of use. Fixing the tube and raising the water capacity of the silt retention pond will not be the only work done on the small body of water this summer.

“We are going to have a water control structure put in it that will allow us to manipulate water levels at will,” Stegmann said. “That will allow us to use this body of water as a fish rearing pond also. So, we’re going to raise more fish to be released into the lake.”

The construction work is set to run from this week to the end of July, he said. Visitors will still be able to come enjoy the park.

“They can use the whole park except for the dam,” Stegmann said.

The normal south side entrance will remain open and visitors will be able to use the road that leads to the bison, swan and observatory areas.

A temporary entrance will be placed along Underwood Avenue so visitors can use the north side of the park, Stegmann said.


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