Adoption Spotlight: Elvis

TR PHOTO BY LOGAN METZGER Elvis is a 5 years old Coonhound currently looking for a forever home at the Animal Rescue League of Marshalltown. He is very laid back and gets along well with both cats and dogs.

The Animal Rescue League of Marshalltown currently has more than 40 animals who need loving homes and caring families. This includes dogs, cats and even some smaller critters like guinea pigs. Here is the adoption spotlight of the week: Elvis.

Elvis was brought to the shelter as a stray and has been there since April 3, 2019.

Elvis is a 5-year-old male coonhound and is neutered. He has no medical issues or other outstanding issues.

Chris Briney, a staff member at the Animal Rescue League of Marshalltown, said Elvis is good dog for family and he loves going on walks.

“He loves to lay out in the sun and is just well rounded,” Briney said.

Elvis gets along well with other dogs and doesn’t mind cats, Briney said. He is very laid back and doesn’t bark like many of the other dogs when one is let out in the kennel area of the shelter.

He is great with kids and very easygoing, so he would fit perfectly with any family.

“I hope he finds a good family, even though he is a hunting dog breed I think he would fit right in with a family with kids,” Briney said.

The adoption fee for Elvis is $75. Those interested in giving Elvis a forever home can pick up an adoption application at the front desk. A downloadable copy of the application is also available at www.arlmarshalltown.com.


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