Art Festival brings creativity, entertainment to downtown

Chalk artist, Kathleen Roling, said she is Iowa’s only 3D chalk artist and her art piece she worked on is a tribute to Marshalltown.

The sun was shining brightly over Marshalltown Saturday and the heat index was high, but that didn’t stop people from attending the Marshalltown Art Festival.

Hundreds of people filled Main Street despite the heat. People of all ages attended the art festival, from elders to babies still in strollers.

There were 46 booths lining Main Street, with 44 artists using them. These artists had work in media ranging from metal, photography, painting, wood, glass, jewelry and ceramics.

“I think this festival is awesome, I prefer these smaller town art festivals because everybody in town comes out,” said Cindy Skeie, an artist that uses photography for her medium.

Steve Nowatzki, an artist who sells his drawings, said that this is his third nonconsecutive year attending and the people who put the festival on really try and make it the best they can.

T-R PHOTOS BY LOGAN METZGER Charcoal artist, Quinn Goodman, said she is from marhsalltown and her art piece is based on a photo of the Marshall County Courthouse before the tornado.

To find the full list of artists go to https://marshalltownartfestival.org/artists/.

Kathleen Roling, a live chalk artist, created a chalk painting at the intersection of First Avenue and East Main Street which included the Marshall County Courthouse.

“Today I’m doing kind of a tribute to Marshalltown because of what happened last year with the tornado,” Roling said. “The rainbow symbolizes the beauty that can come after destruction and trauma.”

Dye and Darian Davenport, live graffiti artists, were creating a piece on East Main Street across from Zenos. Quinn Goodman, a live chalk artist, was creating a piece in the Gallery Garden which was focused on the Marshall County Courthouse.

“I’m working off of a picture of the courthouse that was taken two days before the tornado hit,” Goodman said. “I’m from Marshalltown so this is giving me a homey feel.”

As part of the art festival, the Gallery Garden has finally replaced the art pieces that were destroyed during the July 2018 tornado. These pieces were created by co-owner Barb Hagstrand’s late husband Larry Hagstrand.

The pieces that were replaced include a painting of giraffes and a painting of a table setting.

Not everything was solely focused on growing from the destruction of the tornado, there were many fun activities for the kids and the family. There was a balloon artist, a henna artist, a face paint artist and a sidewalk chalk area. All of these places provided space for kids and adults alike to have fun during the heat.

There were also two stages with live music throughout the event. The main stage had performers which included Dave’s Little Big Band, Brazilian 2wins, Dustin Smith, Lehto and Wright and Austin Chadderdon and Friends. The acoustic stage had performers which included Buz Owen, Janet Collison, Accordion Trio, Billy Wilson, Linda Harvey and Luke Wymore.