Bicentennial Park provides play space on edge of Marshalltown

TR PHOTO BY LOGAN METZGER Bicentennial Park is only a large park on the edge of Marshalltown. It has amenities ranging from an open air shelter to slides.

Editor’s note: This twice weekly series will spotlight some of Marshalltown’s 22 parks. Parks are a way for families to enjoy the outdoors without leaving the city and a way for the city to bring the outdoors to families.

With a size of 8.2 acres, Bicentennial Park adds a touch of green space and play area on the edge of the city.

“It’s interesting because the park is kind of a joint property between the school district and the city,” Geoff Hubbard, director of Marshalltown Parks and Recreation, said.

Bicentennial Park has a good amount of amenities.

These include a grill and an open air shelter with picnic tables that can hold a group whether it be for a birthday party or family reunion. The park also has shade trees which provide spaces for reading a book or a romantic picnic for two, though bug spray may be needed.

“It’s a good place for kids to go run around, fly a kite and play some sports,” Hubbard said.

The park has bathrooms which are directly connected to the open air shelter.

For play equipment, Bicentennial Park does not have a large amount but it still has a playground. This equipment includes various slides, climbing equipment and regular swings. The park does have a large amount of open play space which a game of tag or kickball could easily be played in. There is also a basketball court with two hoops as well as a large soccer field for individuals to practice in.

Hubbard said the soccer field is owned by the school district, but talks are happening between the school district and the city of Marshalltown for the soccer field to be handed over to the city possibly by the end of this summer.

Bicentennial Park is located at 507 Grandview Drive. The entrance can be hard to find due to it being located on a dead end road.


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