Our town, our people — Jacquelyn Eden


“Our town, our people” is a weekly Q&A with a local resident who is active in the community. Have a suggestion for someone we should talk to? Email T-R news editor Emily Barske at ebarske@timesrepublican.com. 

Jacquelyn Eden has lived in Marshalltown for five years and worked here for six years as a special education teacher at Lenihan Intermediate School.

Q: What are you passionate about?

A: “I am passionate about working with children who have learning difficulties. I enjoy helping students who have a different life or difficult situation. I also like finding homes for animals that have been rescued.”

Q: What community activities do you participate in?

A: “I am a part of a non-denominational Bible study group here in Marshalltown. We’re at the ages of 20’s and 30’s, and we study the Bible and also try to find some outreach programs here in the community. I also teach Sunday school at First United Methodist church here in Marshalltown; I work with middle school and high school students there.”

Q: What do you enjoy about this community?

A: “I enjoy our diversity. I think our diversity is our strength. I love the way our community has come together since the tornado. I enjoy all the benefits of having different types of stores and restaurants in Marshalltown. But also, we’re still a small town with that small-town feel.”

Q: What changes do you feel need to be made in the community?

A: “I feel we need more mental health services. Also, more mental health services for people whose native language is not English, to meet their needs. I definitely think we need more mental health services that are available after school, so the students can get services after school from a variety of places at different times.”

Q: What advice would you pass on to young people?

A: “I believe that they should follow their dreams, and a big key to following your dreams is to have an education. So, I would suggest for them to work really hard now, and then they’re prepared for college. I also would suggest that they get involved in youth programs throughout the community and to follow Christ.”

Q: What is your favorite Marshalltown activity?

A: “I enjoy our Christian groups here in Marshalltown. Another thing I like to do is go to the movie theater, and the bowling alley is really nice too.”

Q: What social activity or event would you like to see come to Marshalltown and why?

A: “I would love our community to have more concerts. I think it would be great to have a variety of different concerts, country or Christian, just positive (concerts) so families can come and enjoy (them) all year around.”