While small, Optimist Park still serves

TR PHOTO BY LOGAN METZGER Optimist Park is only a small park but is fit to serve a neighborhood. It has amenities ranging from an open air shelter to slides.

Editor’s note: This twice weekly series will spotlight some of Marshalltown’s 22 parks. Parks are a way for families to enjoy the outdoors without leaving the city and a way for the city to bring the outdoors to families.

Optimist Park is very small and is only 1.2 acres, yet it can still serve its community.

“It is one of our older parks, the Optimist Park has helped raise money for it,” Geoff Hubbard, director of Marshalltown Parks and Recreation, said.

Hubbard said that due to its older age and design Optimist Park could see some upgrading in the next couple years.

The park has quite a few amenities. These include a grill and open air shelter with picnic tables that can hold a group whether it be for a birthday party or family reunion. The park is also mostly fenced in and sports a large amount of green space which can be used for a game of soccer or other activities.

Optimist Park does not have any bathroom facilities. This is due to the park being considered a neighborhood park and thus people only use it if they are in that neighborhood and can just go back to their own homes to use the bathroom.

For play equipment, Optimist Park has various slides and climbing equipment, a merry-go-round and animal springers. There is a lot of green space for kids to play in whether it be a game of tag or a game of baseball.

Optimist Park is located at 305 S. 18th Ave.


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