Cartwright, Druker & Ryden merges with Des Moines law firm

T-R PHOTO BY SARA JORDAN-HEINTZ Cartwright, Druker & Ryden, 112 W. Church Street, will merge with Bradshaw, Fowler, Proctor & Fairgrave law firm of Des Moines, effective Sept. 3. Pictured is Bradshaw attorney Gregory Kenyon, left, and Marshalltown attorney Joel Greer.

Cartwright, Druker & Ryden, 112 W. Church Street, will merge with Bradshaw, Fowler, Proctor & Fairgrave law firm of Des Moines effective Sept. 3.

“The Bradshaw law firm was kind enough to contact us when they discovered (my wife) Sharon was going to be on the Iowa Court of Appeals,” attorney Joel Greer said. “They recognized we went from seven lawyers to two and we need some help.”

In April, Gov. Kim Reynolds appointed Sharon Soorholtz Greer as a judge on the Iowa Court of Appeals. Longtime law partner Rex J. Ryden died in August 2017.

Currently, only attorneys Joel Greer and Chris Wertzberger are employed at Cartwright, Druker & Ryden. The merger will allow access to Bradshaw’s team of 46 lawyers, with its office located at 801 Grand Ave #3700, Des Moines.

“The plan is we will have people come up to staff a couple of days a week, rotating in and out,” Bradshaw lawyer Gregory Kenyon said. “It will be handy to have a Marshall County base to work out of. We think there is reciprocal benefit.”

Greer added that there has been mutual admiration between the law firms over the years.

“They are well-known to us as good litigators and I know we can work out who should handle what cases, so I will no longer be triple and double booked,” Greer said.

The practice will be known as the Marshalltown office of the Bradshaw law firm. Cartwright, Druker & Ryden clients will not experience any interruption in services.

In 1986, Joel and Sharon Greer both became associated with the law firm. Joel was elected mayor of Marshalltown in 2017.

“We never had any ambition of having our name on the door, and we’re glad we’ve kept the name as long as we had, and are tickled to have a good law practice in town,” he said. “We are excited to work with respected attorneys from the larger Bradshaw law firm in Des Moines. Our clients will greatly benefit from their expertise in a broad set of practice areas.”

Bradshaw was founded in 1917. Cartwright, Druker & Ryden celebrates its 160th anniversary this year. It was founded by H.E.J. Boardman, who was admitted to practice law in Iowa in 1859, establishing the firm that same year.

Bradshaw’s team provides clients legal representation in the following areas: business and corporate law, estate planning, probate law, insurance law, litigation, employment law, real estate law and more. For more information, contact firm administrator Peggy Ostrander at ostrander.peggy@bradshawlaw.com.


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