Man threatens to kill victim, dog


Trenton R. Brekke, 33, Marshalltown, was arrested Tuesday on a warrant by local police and taken to jail on charges stemming from first-degree harassment and first offense simple domestic assault charges, according to court documents.

Brekke threatened to kill the victim during an incident last week by taking her out to a gravel road and making the threat. The victim told the officer she was afraid for her life. Brekke also threatened to kill the victim’s dog.

The officer attempted to locate Brekke following the incident, but was unsuccessful.

The officer then requested a warrant.

Brekke was accompanied by his attorney, Taylor Reichardt, at his initial appearance Wednesday.

There, a magistrate judge ordered a no contact order to protect the victim, and released Brekke with supervision to the Department of Correctional Services.

His preliminary hearing is Dec. 3.


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