Out goes the old …

Demolition of Wells Fargo’s downtown branch bank at 102 S. Center is underway. A Caterpillar end loader in background was making short order of the building’s Southside Monday. The demolition is to make way for new bank to be completed sometime in 2020.

The 21,000-square foot building shown was built in 1963 by Fidelity Savings Bank. Change came to Fidelity when it was purchased by Brenton Banks Inc. of Des Moines in 1970, and the name was later changed to Fidelity Brenton Bank and Trust Company. In 2000, Wells Fargo agreed to buy Brenton Banks Inc. and a subsidiary for $264.5 million in stock, changing the name of the those banks to the Wells Fargo. The site is the former location of an 1895-era post office that was demolished to construct the bank in the 1960s. Wells Fargo is temporarily conducting bank business in a large trailer in the parking lot next to the Max Building. Customers may also use services at the Wells Fargo branch bank at 2703 S. Center St.


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