Marshalltown Christian classes back to school

Too many sick students led to the cancellation of classes at Marshalltown Christian School on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Director Bethany Wirin said 21 students out of their student population of 57 were sick on Monday.

When the decision was made to cancel classes for the following two days, families were supportive.

“One mother called our handling of the situation proactive, which was gracious and kind of her,” Wirin said. “All of our families understand that we are trying to do what is best for their students. I did not take it lightly, knowing that more children were healthy than unhealthy, and that most of our families have two working parents. That is why I consulted experts and people with experience in this area.”

Wirin contacted public health officials and a former school administrator for guidance.

The students were not the only ones sick with either a stomach bug, influenza or the common cold. Wirin said three staff members missed a day or more of school in the last week and she said there have been more absence due to illness than normal during the past month.

However, the school opened its doors on Thursday after a deep cleaning was done on Tuesday.

“We will remind students of proper hand washing technique and to come to the office if they feel rundown,” Wirin said.

She said the school follows standard Centers for Disease Control and public health precautions and recommendations, such as staying home for at least 24 hours after a fever is gone, without the use of fever-reducing medicine.

She stressed that even in the midst of sickness and life difficulties, there is still reason to praise the Lord.

“Thankfully this life is not about us, it’s about him,” Wirin said. “So at MCS, we will do our best to bring him glory through our decisions and through the storms of life. We even want good hand washing to bring him glory and honor which is a worthy goal for all of us.”


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