Absentee voting to begin April 20

Nan Benson

Marshall County residents will be able to start absentee voting on April 20.

COVID-19 is not going to delay the June 2 primary election, said Marshall County auditor Nan Benson.

Due to an unsure voter turnout and a possible decrease in workers, Benson said Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate is encouraging Iowans to vote by mail.

“We’re getting ready to ramp that up,” she said. “They can start that 40 days before the election.”

Voter turnout is a concern with the pandemic and people staying home. Benson said there is a possibility precincts could be combined for the June 2 election to get more people to show up.


combined for the June 2 election to get more people to show up.

“I am also concerned there might not be enough precinct workers,” she said.

Benson said they are not at the point where precise plans have been decided for election day.

“We are getting hand sanitizers, gloves, alcohol wipes for the election machines,” she said. “We are definitely looking at different measures to take for the safety of the workers and the public.”

One big decision regards the Marshall County Annex building on Main Street where the last election was run out of.

“The building will hopefully be under construction so we are working on finding an alternative location,” Benson said. “We are looking downtown.”

June 2 candidates had to file by March 25. Marshall County incumbents are running unopposed.


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