Iconic dome returns to Marshall County Courthouse

T-R Photos by Thomas Nelson The Marshall County Courthouse Dome is lifted and placed back on the top of the courthouse building on March 31.

More than 100 people gathered downtown on Tuesday to watch the iconic dome placed on top of the Marshall County Courthouse.

A parade-like atmosphere was present, complete with folding chairs people brought to comfortably watch the construction crews work. People lined the streets shoulder to shoulder, despite the threat of the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic.

They sat on the ground with sandwiches from nearby shops and stood with their phones to capture the event for posterity.

Marshall County buildings and grounds director Lucas Baedke said the Tuesday placement was the culmination of hundreds of man hours and it now feels like a huge weight has been lifted.

“I feel a lot of relief,” he said. “This has been a bit of a stressful situation but it’s really done and we got it over with. This is a great thing for Marshalltown and Marshall County. They will see this as a good step in their building. It’s just a really crappy time for it since so many people are stuck in their homes.”

Linda Whaley, right, and Barbara Hawkins watch as construction workers begin work on placing the Marshall County Courthouse Dome up.

While a 400-ton crane lifted the dome from the ground and placed it at the apex of the building, some people drove by the crowd and yelled out their window reminders about the importance of social distancing, which were not adherred.

The dome’s placement was a much anticipated event since the courthouse was damaged from the 2018 tornado.

“It is quite a symbolic thing,” Baedke said. “It’s a great thing for the community emotionally. There has been a lot of healing after the tornado and this feels like another wound that is getting healed.”


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A man perched above crowds on Main Street watches and writes before the dome is placed on the courthouse.

Marshalltown Mayor Joel Greer uses his phone to photograph the process of placing the Marshall County Courthouse dome back in its place.

A crowd takes photos on their phone on South Center Street as the Marshall County Courthouse Dome is placed back on top.

Construction workers grab supplies to prepare the Marshall County Courthouse dome.

People stop and stare on East Main Street as the dome is placed back on the Marshall County Courthouse.

A drone from KCCI floats to take photos as the dome of the Marshall County Courthouse is placed back on the roof.

ill Crane walks his dog on South Center Street while wearing a protective mask as a crowd watches a dome get placed on the Marshall County Courthouse.


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