Marshalltown resident delights community with baked goods

Contributed photos Peggy White loves to bake sweet treats, including cupcakes and cookies. Her delightful Samoa cupcakes have always been a big hit.

Peggy White, a bus driver for the Marshalltown Community School District, has reached much of the community with her delectable treats.

She was introduced to the joys of baking through her family. Her mother’s many siblings all enjoyed baking, so White was exposed to it from a young age.

She said she enjoys making sweets the most, including cakes, cupcakes and cookies. White’s favorite to make is cupcakes.

Though her baked creations are usually enjoyed by all, White has had some kitchen disasters in her time as a baker.

One occurred when one of her kitchen tools broke as she was baking.

“My mixer broke on me in the middle of an order,” White said. “I’ve forgotten food in the oven that’s burnt.”

Her talent for making sweet treats led her to open her own bakery. From 2015 to 2016, White owned Bake My Day Coffee Shop and Bakery at the Orpheum Theater. In that time, she delighted customers with cinnamon rolls, cupcakes, cookies, kolaches, scones and other baked goods. White not only brought joy to the community through her creations, but also found much personal enjoyment in it. She said she loved running the bakery and hopes to do it again someday.

“I want to open another one so bad,” White said

Now she mostly bakes for friends, family and coworkers.

White finds baking to be a pastime that brings her joy along with others.

“I think it’s relaxing, first of all,” she said. “And I also like baking for people because of the enjoyment and pleasure it gives them.”

White said her cakes and cupcakes are the biggest hit with people. When she owned the bakery, she often made them for the hospital and the Iowa Veterans Home.


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Peggy White offered delicious kolaches at her bakery.

Peggy White’s cupcakes have always been a big hit.


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