Blackcloud will face Fisher in general election

CONTRIBUTED PHOTO — Democrat Christina Blackcloud will challenge Republican Dean Fisher for Iowa House District 72.

Democrat Christina Blackcloud will face Republican Dean Fisher, according to the unofficial results of the Tuesday primary election. 

Democrats John Anderson and Blackcloud went head-to-head to become the party candidate for Iowa House District 72 and take on Fisher, who is running unopposed for his fifth term. 

“I’m very honored to earn all the votes I earned tonight,” Blackcloud said. “I’m looking to turn this district blue.” 

The election resulted in 2,022 votes cast; Blackcloud had 1,523 votes, or 75.3 percent compared to Anderson’s 497 votes, or 24.5 percent.

Voting results are unofficial until the boards of supervisors canvas the votes. 

District 72 covers Black Hawk County, including La Porte City, as well as all of Tama County and most of Marshall County. In Marshall County, Blackcloud had 411 votes, or 73 percent and Anderson had 152 votes, or 27 percent. Blackcloud had 62.9 percent of Black Hawk votes and Anderson had 37.1 percent. In Tama County, Blackcloud had 78.1 percent of the votes and Anderson had 21.6 percent.

Fisher was first elected in 2012 and has served for seven years and faced no Republican challengers this year. 

“I’ll take whoever wins the primary seriously,” Fisher said. “What people want and need is good steady leadership that’s going to keep Iowa moving forward in a positive way. Not make a lot of radical changes.” 

Blackcloud is the director of senior services for the Meskwaki Nation. 

Republicans Thomas Hansen and Ashley Hinson ran against one another to compete against incumbent Rep. Abby Finkenauer (D-Iowa) in the United States Representative District 1 general election in November.

There were 48,288 votes cast across the district for the Congressional race. Hinson had 37,554 votes, or 77.7 percent and Hansen garnered 10,583 votes, or 21.9 percent. In Marshall County, 2,245 votes had been cast; 1,505 votes, or 67 percent for Hinson and 735, or 32.7 percent for Hansen.

There were 272,003 votes cast in Iowa for the Democratic race against incumbent Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa).

Candidate Theresa Greenfield won with 129,706, or 47.6 percent of the votes; Michael Franken had 67,862 or 24.9 percent; Kimberly Graham had 40,738 or 14.9 percent; Eddie Mauro had 29,856 or 10.9 percent; and Cal Woods had 3,341 or 1.2 percent.

In Marshall County, 2,657 votes were cast by press time for the Senate race; Greenfield garnered 1,275, 47.9 percent of the votes; Franken had 720, 27.1 percent; Mauro, 342 votes, 12.8 percent; Graham, 287 votes, 10.8 percent; and Woods, 31 votes, 1.1 percent.


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