Scam calls making rounds in Marshalltown

People in Marshalltown have been getting scam phone calls in the last few days.

Marshalltown Police Chief Mike Tupper said grandparent scams are once again occurring – something that happens on a periodic basis.

Tupper said the other day, the police department received a phone call from a woman who thought her grandchild was in jail. She was on her way to the store to purchase a gift card to help her grandchild, when she stopped and called the cops. Tupper was happy she did not lose any money, but pointed out that these phone calls can be very convincing.

“I tell people to stop, don’t panic and do not give out personal information,” he said. “I tell them to call friends and family to verify what the phone call was about.”

One of the big clues that someone is getting a scam call is if the caller requests that no one else knows about the conversation, Tupper said.

Legitimate businesses and law enforcement do not make cold calls to people and do not request personal information.

“They also do not ask for money,” he said.

Some of the phone scams that are making rounds include ones claiming a family member is in jail, calls that tell people a family member is stuck in another country and bogus calls from banks.

If anyone suspects they have received a scam call, notify the Marshalltown Police Department at 641-754-5725.


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