Vision Marshalltown unveils new city tagline

A new tagline to celebrate Marshalltown and bolster interest in the community was unveiled Tuesday in a virtual release on Facebook.

“Marshalltown More than Ever” is the new city tagline, released by the Vision Marshalltown organization, along with a logo and marketing materials.

The tagline celebrates the history of Marshalltown, identifies the focus on world-class education and diversity, highlights collaboration among people and aspires to grow the city.

“Marshalltown More Than Ever is more than just a tagline. It’s a story and a story that is told in multiple formats,” said Kyley Leger, executive director of Vision Marshalltown.

Leger said the objective was to tell the Marshalltown story and help people communicate about what a great place Marshalltown is to live, learn and play.

“We knew there were so many pieces to our story that it was making it hard to communicate,” she said. “We also knew if we came up with that narrative, we could capitalize on the shared message. It would bring us great pride to stand proudly and loudly tell our story.”

A tagline is important because it helps attract people by showcasing values and beliefs of the community and uncovers the great aspects that already exist.

The effort was a collaboration between the Marshalltown Area Chamber of Commerce, City of Marshalltown and Vision Marshalltown, Leger said. The group hired Amperage Marketing & Fundraising of Iowa to create a tagline to fit Marshalltown.

“We wanted to figure out how to tell Marshalltown’s story,” she said. “We wanted it to be memorable, easy to understand, highlight and celebrate the amenities and show how we continue to grow and prosper in the community.”

Leger said Vision Marshalltown spent a lot of time getting community information through surveys and talking to residents, asking what people love about living here. Vision Marshalltown received more than 150 suggestions for the tagline. They then considered the focus groups the tagline is intended for — residents and visitors of Marshalltown.

“We took all of it and created the tagline and graphic,” she said. “Everyone has a different Marshalltown experience. We have seen so many great things but people struggle to relay the message to visitors and new co-workers.”

Mayor Joel Greer said he likes the new tagline, even though it is not one of the recommendations he provided.

I really like it and I’ve already used it,” Greer said. “It gives us a rallying point and we haven’t had one. So many towns around us have their own sayings or slogans and now we do. It’s a nice focal point that will look good on around town.”

New banners featuring the Marshalltown More Than Ever tagline will be placed along the city’s viaducts in July. Vision Marshalltown has made files which can be downloaded from the Marshalltown Chamber website for use by local businesses.

Flyers and other materials can be used by businesses for job postings, career fairs and stories about cooperation or partnerships in town.

“Looking at the tagline from a community pride aspect, we wanted to help businesses with recruiting material,” she said.

Leger hopes the tagline and logo will also be used for events, promotions and fun things people can do in Marshalltown.

“We have got a positive message,” Leger said. “There have been a lot of comments and excitement about the tagline. The excitement has been tremendous. We talk a lot about what the ‘new normal’ will be. The timing of it is great as we are looking for feel-good material about how great Marshalltown is. This is a breath of fresh air and a reminder this is a great place to live, learn and play.”


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