County reports one death from COVID this week

Marshall County reported its 62nd death related to COVID-19 adding one in the last week.

The county has had 4,286 positive cases since the start of the pandemic including 208 new cases in the last week.

Iowa has recorded 4,445 deaths, including 51 new deaths on Thursday according to the Iowa Department of Public Health. There were 1,709 new cases between Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday saw an increase of 62 deaths.

Marshall County has the 15th most deaths from COVID-19 in the state.

During a press conference Thursday, Gov. Kim Reynolds said Iowa is the state with the fifth-lowest vaccine allocation. The state is receiving 19,500 vaccine doses each week.

“However when it comes to administering those doses we’re near the top of the list, ranking 15th in the country,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds said the state’s latest vaccine data shows more than 160,000 first doses of the vaccine have been received and more than 106,000 have been administered. Eighty-two percent of the first doses were given to health-care workers. About 22,000 health-care workers have received their second dose of the vaccine and are fully vaccinated.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 35.9 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been distributed and about 16.5 million were administered as of Thursday.

The 14-day positivity rate in Iowa is 11.3 percent and in Marshall County it is 5.6 percent. Ten percent of cases came with known pre-existing conditions which includes 1,136 cases in children under 17 years old.

Manufacturing/industry occupations have the largest occurrence of infections with known pre-existing conditions with 3,122 cases. Health care follows with 2,910 cases where pre-existing conditions were known.

There are 474 patients in Iowa hospitals with coronavirus infections, including 85 admitted in the last 24 hours. Sixty-eight percent of patients are admitted with COVID-19 as their primary diagnosis. Inpatient bed availability is at about 35 percent. There are 86 patients in intensive care and 36 on ventilators.

Twenty-nine percent of hospitalized patients are 80 years old or older, the most of any age group. This age group also accounts for 59 percent of all COVID-19 deaths in the state.

More than 1.9 million Test Iowa assessments have been completed including 5,754 in Marshall County. Fifty-nine percent of the assessments have been administered to females and 38 percent were to people 18-40 years old.

Twenty-nine percent of Iowa’s 271,953 recovered cases were in 18-29 years olds but only 4 percent were 80 or older. Eleven percent of people who recovered had known pre-existing conditions and 1,333 cases were reported as recovered on Wednesday.

There was a sharp increase in cases in people 50-59 years old in the last week, up from 9 percent to 14 percent. Cases in people 80 years old and up doubled from 2 to 4 percent. Cases in people 17 years old or younger dropped from 19 percent to 15 percent.

USAFacts.org tallies more than 23.8 million cases of COVID-19 have been reported in the United States including 147,297 new cases on Tuesday. The seven-day average of cases per day is 199,352. There have been 394,044 deaths, 2,064 new deaths on Tuesday and a seven-day average of 2,958 deaths per day.


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