The Flying Elbow dropping on 13th Street District

T-R PHOTO BY JOE FISHER — Garrett and Dani Goodman’s restaurant The Flying Elbow is coming to a new location at 229 N. 13th Street. The building is undergoing renovations and will add a new patio space before opening later this year.

Not even a natural disaster can keep The Flying Elbow on the mat.

The restaurant specializing in over-the-top hot dogs and sandwiches is making a comeback with a new location at 13th Street and Summit.

Co-owners Garrett and Dani Goodman were dealt a blow by the tornado that impacted their building 35 N. Center St. in 2018. They’ve flexed the business into a food truck but have kept their eyes on opening a new brick and mortar location since.

“Basically, overnight we were closed,” Garrett said.

The Goodmans started planning their next move almost immediately. They purchased property adjacent to their location with the intent to build an expanded new restaurant. Designs for the new building were completed but they experienced a financing setback last fall.

CONTRIBUTED PHOTO — A rendering of the new Flying Elbow’s new building coming to the 13th Street District. Construction is underway and owners Garrett and Dani Goodman hope to have a grand opening in late spring.

“That kind of threw us a curveball. We never thought we needed a backup plan,” he said.

Garrett connected with John Hermanson, owner of Hermanson Orthodontics. Hermanson owns property at 229 N. 13th St. and hoped of one day having a restaurant there.

Goodman said it was the perfect situation for both sides to allow The Flying Elbow to have a home in the developing 13th Street District.

“He’s been involved in the 13th Street development, trying to make it what it is today for the past 10 some years,” Goodman said. “This is the last piece in a lot of people’s eyes having a restaurant down there.”

The building is undergoing renovations inside and will soon have a large patio added to its south side. There will be a full bar with up to 15 beers on tap. Of course the main event, a full menu of decked out hot dogs and sandwiches like the Nacho Man and Nature Boy will be the fan favorites.

contributed photo Garrett and Dani Goodman are bringing The Flying Elbow restaurant back with a new brick and mortar location on N. 13th Street. The business has been operating as a food truck since the tornado hit their old location in 2018.

The menu will be expanded some because The Flying Elbow is adding more equipment to its arsenal.

Foodies can expect to see all the flair they’ve come to expect from the professional wrestling themed eatery, including classic merchandise, action figures and wrestling on the television all the time.

Goodman said the food truck will still be in use this year as well.

“It’s given us the stability we’ve been chasing since starting this thing,” he said.

The hope is to start providing delivery orders within the next month while the building is under construction. Goodman is targeting a late spring or early summer grand opening for the new location.

The Flying Elbow started in 2017 as a food truck for the Goodman tag team. Garrett left his IT position at Emerson and Dani was a teacher before they ventured into restaurant ownership. Garrett said he was hesitant about starting a restaurant but his wife urged him to take a chance. He was unsure on what type of restaurant it would be. He knew he wanted it to have a theme though. While watching wrestling one day the idea finally clicked.

The business quickly took off and they renovated the North Center Street location to further establish the business. They watched The Flying Elbow pile up rave reviews and social media buzz until the tornado hit.

With the payoff of their perseverance coming into view, the Goodmans are optimistic about seeing the business grow.

“We put everything into this thing,” Garrett said. “To see some light at the end of the tunnel — we’re excited.”

Garrett is heading the construction of the new building with the help of several local contractors, such as Kadner Construction, Bjelland Plumbing, Collins Electric and B&G HVAC.

The business employs 12 to 15 people but Garrett said he could see the need for employees growing.

Before the final bell rings, the Goodmans plan to eventually rebuild at their former site on N. Center Street. They still own the lot there and would like to construct the restaurant they planned on building.


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