National Police Week is May 15-21

Serving as a law enforcement officer is an honorable and noble endeavor. It has been a blessing to serve for nearly thirty years in this profession. A lot has changed but what has remained the same drives officers to keep serving. Every day, officers come to work not quite knowing what the day will hold. Every day, they learn something new. Every day, they have the opportunity to help the community. This career is a great adventure.

May 15-21 is National Police Week. May 15 is National Police Officer Memorial Day. This is an excellent time to reflect upon those law enforcement professionals who have given their lives in protection of communities across the United States. Thank local law enforcement professionals for all they do to serve and protect the communities.

It takes a special person to be successful in law enforcement. The City of Marshalltown is fortunate to have dedicated and compassionate public safety professionals serving in the community. The men and women of the Marshalltown Police Department strive every day to provide exceptional police services. Let’s take this time to thank all of the police officers, deputies, detectives, reserve police officers, 911 communications personnel and law enforcement support staff for the collective service to the community. They all do an outstanding job and their efforts are greatly appreciated.

The Marshalltown Police Department appreciates the excellent working relationship it has with the sheriff’s office. Sheriff Joel Phillips along, with the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office, serves the community with pride and professionalism. The citizens of Marshall County are very fortunate to have such an outstanding law enforcement organization as the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office serving this community. Additionally, the police department enjoys a great working relationship with other law enforcement agencies throughout Marshall County. The State Center Police Department and the Melbourne Police Department are providing valuable public safety services in the communities. Last, but certainly not least, there is a great group of county conservation officers, Department of Natural Resources officers, state police officers, along with state and federal investigators, who routinely provide valuable law enforcement services in the community.

It is important for everyone to remember that being a police officer can be, and very often is, a dangerous profession. Since the first known line-of-duty death in 1786, more than 23,000 U.S. law enforcement officers have made the ultimate sacrifice. From 2011-2020, on average 176 officers were killed in the United States each year and more than 50,000 were assaulted. In 2021, 472 police officers died in the line of duty. COVID-19 had a devastating impact on these numbers. So far, in 2022 there have been 92 law enforcement deaths in the United States. Visit the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund website (nleomf.org/) for more information about line of duty deaths.

These occurrences, and the possibility of danger, weigh heavily on the hearts and minds of each police officer’s family. Spouses, parents, children and other family members are the unsung heroes of the law enforcement professionals. Officers would not be able to effectively perform the duties without their support. The public appreciates what families sacrifice to allow us officers to serve.

There has been a lot of discussion about law enforcement over the past two years. These are important discussions to have and public ideas and input are welcome.

The Marshalltown Police Department values the tremendous public support it has. The men and women of the Marshalltown Police Department are dedicated to providing the community with high quality and professional law enforcement services. They appreciate the opportunity to work with community members every day. They remain committed to collaborating with the community to make Marshalltown a great place to live, recreate and work. This police department belongs to the community, everyone. Working together, everyone can all enjoy the benefits of a safe, healthy and united community.

If a person gets the chance next week, take time to thank a law enforcement professional for serving the Marshalltown community.


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