The Main Stop officially opens downtown

T-R PHOTO BY ROBERT MAHARRY The Main Stop owners Marcel and DaJeane Oden pose for a photo in front of their new store, which officially opened for business on Friday at 16 W. Main St.

Marcel Oden got emotional Thursday thinking about the journey that led him and his soon-to-be wife DaJeane to acquire their building at 16 W. Main St. back in 2021, renovate it and turn it into The Main Stop, which officially opened for business on Friday.

“Two long years, man, and we did almost everything in here,” he said. “It was ripped out. There was nothing here… We’re not in debt. It took longer than what she wanted it to take, but like I said, we’re not in debt. Pretty much, it was hard work, but we pieced it together.”

Although Marcel, who hails from Detroit and donned Pistons attire on opening day, has owned businesses before, this is the first for DaJeane, a lifelong Marshalltonian. She felt strongly that a resale shop (it’s not a consignment store, as the inventory all comes from the owners) like theirs could succeed — or, as her significant other put it, she was just tired of working for other people.

They scoped out a few different spots before settling on the West Main Street location between Stepping Stones Christian Bookstore and the Wax Xtatic Record Shop — the longtime home of Ewers Shoes — and the name came fairly naturally.

“We just put our heads together and (thought) ‘Main Street, you want people to stop in.’ So, the Main Stop, that’s how that came about,” DaJeane said.

Marcel and his uncle worked hard to get the building to where it is today, and there are three floors total. The main floor mainly includes clothes, electronics, odds and ends , appliances and accessories, while the basement has dishes and tools and the upstairs level is mostly furniture.

“From generators to plumbing supplies, if it’s here, they can get it,” Marcel said. “A little bit of everything.”

One of the major goals of the store is to sell the products at a reasonable price point.

“I just feel like everything is really high priced nowadays, so a resale shop reaches out to those who may not be able to afford certain things,” DaJeane said.

Marcel and DaJeane also manage four properties together, so even when they aren’t at the store, they’ll be staying busy together.

“We’re not living off of this place, so whatever it turns out (to be) for her, the sky’s the limit,” Marcel said. “As long as it’s taking care of itself and we can see straight, I don’t wanna stay here all day every day. I have my days and my years of standin’ and standin’ and standin’, and (sometimes) I gotta go.”

The tentative plan is to be open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. with the possibility of modifying the schedule based on what works for them and when customers are visiting most frequently. DaJeane and Marcel can be reached at (641) 861-7550.

“I want to help the community. I haven’t really been into the Main Street business district or anything, but I’m excited, I’m here for it and I wanna be a part of it,” DaJeane said.

Marshalltown Central Business District Executive Director Deb Millizer, for one, is happy to welcome The Main Stop.

“We are excited to add another retail option to Downtown Marshalltown. Having the right mix of retail, restaurants and experience based businesses is one of the key factors to making a downtown thrive. If we want to recruit new establishments we have to support the ones we have,” she said.


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