Move the ‘M’

I totally agree with Col. Joe Latham’s letter regarding the inappropriate placement of the large promotional Marshalltown M in the memorial site where the F-4C Phantom Jet fighter is located on S. 6th St. As a retired veteran who thinks the site was so well done, I was surprised and greatly disappointed by the decision to put the M on that site. I just cannot believe that thoughtful Legion members voted to do that. The decision lacked sound thinking and a sense of respect for history and should be changed.

It took a great effort by interested and dedicated people to place the jet there as a memorial in the first place, and then many volunteers and donors helped with the project to clean and repaint the jet. It has been a marvelous display, but then putting the M inside the fence detracts from the spirit of the display.

The promotional M is a sound idea, but placement of them around town should be carefully thought out so as to not interfere with other projects. The M for the Legion area could easily go at the corner of Olive and South 6th Street with the Legion sign that is there now. But wherever it goes, it should be removed from the jet site.


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