Get rid of the corrupt; restore our nation

The letter from Dan Schmitt is right on the money! Impeach Obama, Hillary and all of those other corrupt officials! Many have forgotten their place as public servants. We need to heed the wisdom of our elders; understand our founding fathers and the Constitution as originally intended and not as altered by those working against it through our own justice system. We need to come together as families and a nation to call out the corrupt, restore our system of checks and balances and return to the ideals our nation was founded on. It is no conspiracy theory anymore, it is just blatant conspiring. When politicians and corporations conspire together to enrich themselves at the expense of others and with the end result victimizing many; it is pure evil corruption. They exploit the masses for their benefit. It gets swept under the rug all too often. If you are complacent you are implicit. The first amendment gets abused so much while the second is constantly under attack. The silent majority has been silent too long! If not you or I then who? Don’t take my word for it, education yourself. Crack a political science, history or economist’s book open sometime and notice that all the fingers are pointing in the same direction but hardly a voice can be heard! Before you take someone else’s word for it ask if you trust your life in their hands, and why? God bless.