WWII monument needs upgrades, improvements

On May 9, I had the opportunity to meet with the directors of Riverside Cemetery.

The reason was a World War II monument that is reaching 70 years of age is needing cosmetic restorations. It also need re-landscaped without disturbing any of the veterans’ graves. The bushes and tree blocking the entrance to the monument needs to be removed.

A wide approach for visitors to safely get out of a vehicle at the road, and a sidewalk from the approach to the monument is needed. Circle the sidewalk around the globe and in front of the stone with the veterans’ names needs power washed and resurfaced. This will add life to the walk. The stone should be professionally cleaned, and a professional silicone applied to increase life and beauty to the monument.

The mulch which is placed around the monument and bushes should all be removed and the ground treated to keep new growth from coming through. A 3/8 hard limestone white rock from the Ferguson community should be laid down. Then maintenance can be taken care of with a leaf blower and a fine rake.

I would like to see the flagpole cut at 40 feet and a 400 watt wind charger installed for the necessary lighting that is needed. A new 25-foot aluminum flagpole with a 3×5 flag could be flown safely 24 hours a day due to the high wind velocity in this area. Some of this work could be completed by volunteers,

Any WWII family who had loved ones on the marker, it would be appreciated for their input on this.

My personal view, I would like to see two veterans and maybe one person from the Marshall County Veterans Association serving on the board.

Perpetual care should be set up by the board of trustees. Money will be needed to improve this monument and the trustees should be responsible for it.

I wish to thank Riverside Trustees for listening to my concerns. These young men and women should not be forgotten. I especially wish to thank Marty Mitchell.


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