Masks and unneeded mandates

Many of us find it particularly offensive that a huge number of self-appointed media medical experts have resorted to scaring the public into thinking they must wear a mask or face impending doom. As a result, here come the mandates.

Now, before you get on me about being a COVID denier, understand that three weeks ago I lost my father and almost lost my mother due to complications from this virus. It is real. But so is the fact that they wore masks religiously and still got the virus. So have several other members of my family. My point here is to show that COVID was going to spread no matter what we did- short of providing everyone a vaccine. Please understand that the ordinary cloth and surgical masks – the blue ones we see a lot of lately – simply do not work to effectively block Coronavirus particles.

To look at the science surrounding this, consider that a group of Danish researchers recently published the most comprehensive study to date on masks. This clinical trial included more than 6,000 people and asked one half of the participants to wear a blue surgical mask for one month and instructed the other half not to. Both groups were closely monitored for compliance, and the conclusion they reached was that there was no significant statistical difference in the number of persons from each group that contracted COVID. Both groups were around 2 percent. This, to me, is easy to understand. The masks that virtually everyone wears today are not able to block the transmission of Coronavirus particles due to their very small size. Surgical masks can only effectively block droplets size 0.3 microns and larger. Cloth masks have shown even less effectiveness at blocking particles at that micron size. Coronavirus particles are much smaller- less than half the 0.3 size at only 0.125 microns. This means that normal Coronavirus particles can easily pierce the masks worn by most Americans even if they connect to other droplets (as some medical professionals believe they do) and become twice as large.

Further from a scientific perspective the New England Journal of Medicine agrees that as it relates to COVID, wearing a mask outside health care facilities offers little, if any, protection from infection. They continue by saying that the desire for widespread masking is a reflexive reaction to anxiety over the pandemic. Oxford University went on to say that “that despite two decades of pandemic preparedness, there is considerable uncertainty as to the value of wearing masks.” I encourage you to research this yourself. You may wish to read what Alex Berenson has recently written on the topic, what Daniel Horowitz has found, and the findings of many others.

Early on in our hysterical response to the spread of COVID, most medical professionals agreed that masks were of minimal use. They were clear that anyone who denied this was not being honest. Boy has that changed. And it has changed without the backing of sound clinical analysis.

And please do not give me any grief about wearing a mask being a sign of social responsibility. The more I watch the TV “experts” the more I feel that wearing a mask is simply a pretentious display of fake virtue. And please do not tell me that my feelings are an indicator that I am “not following the science.” To the contrary, I am following the science and I will not be shamed!

As I close, please ask yourself this, “If masks worked so well, and people have been wearing them in huge numbers the past six months, why have we seen a spike in COVID cases?”

Clearly it is at least partially because masks do not work. I wish it wasn’t so.

If people want to voluntarily wear a mask then by all means they should, but enough with the mandates. We are just needlessly scaring people.


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