Holiday Stroll set for Nov. 21 in Marshalltown

The Holiday Stroll is like a family reunion, a time when we see our friends and neighbors and we all come together for the same purpose – to enjoy the spirit of camaraderie, celebrating the kick off of the holiday season. The Marshalltown community and visitors come together to enjoy good food and entertainment. We re-acquaint and catch up with those we haven’t seen in a while. We reminisce our memories of past strolls, while sparking new memories.

With the perils of 2020, the decision as to whether or not to have the 29th annual Holiday Stroll, was not an easy one. Planning for any downtown event takes many volunteer hours, and the planning begins several months prior to the event date. This year has ebbed and flowed uneasily with the dynamics changing often. The balance of hosting a community event that celebrates tradition, yet stays fresh is always thought-provoking. This year gave opportunity to utilize creativity and community partnership like never before.

Community events are significant and perhaps even necessary for the good health of a community.

The Holiday Stroll brings together people from all walks of life, as it provides an opportunity to participate and lead through volunteerism. Social, cultural and economic development is boosted through the planning and implementation of the Holiday Stroll. This year, as the community craves safe human connection, the Marshalltown Central Business District is creating options that will allow families to enjoy the Holiday Stroll from the comfort & security of their car, while listening to the special broadcast provided by KDAO or if they choose to, they can park in one of Marshalltown’s public lots and joyfully patronize the downtown business district.

This year’s theme is “Merry Main Street & Happy Marshalltown,” simply because that is what we are striving for. Keep in mind that the Main Street District is not solely Main Street. It is also comprised of half-blocks along the north side of State Street between South Third Street and South Third Avenue, partial blocks south of Church Street to West Boone Street between South First Street and South Center Street and a partial block south of Church Street between South Center Street and South First Avenue

From 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., on Nov. 21, the Marshalltown Central Business District would like to welcome the community and visitors to the 29th annual Holiday Stroll, which will be spread out from Third Avenue to Third Street on both Main and State streets.

We will have live entertainment in some of our downtown business windows, the Festival of Trees, a cheerful light display and the Christmas Village Craft Market. The MCBD Promotions Committee have some other surprises they are still honing the details on, but I can tell you with good authority that the jolliest of all elves will be able to safely interact with the children. Our downtown businesses are eager to share holiday cheer with the community. Although, there will be a few dynamics that have to change from years past, we can still enjoy the atmosphere, and build memories to reminisce for years to come.

Details and updates for the Holiday Stroll can be found on the Facebook event or the MCBD webpage www.marshalltownmainstreet.org.

For the health and wellbeing of everyone that attends, masks or facial coverings and social distancing are recommended. Please abide by each business’s safety practice.


Deb Millizer is the executive director of the Marshalltown Central Business District.


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