Program to encourage communication, collaboration between school, home

This year has been a tough year for everyone. But what if you are the parent or the teacher of a child with disabilities? There is great opportunity for families, educators, and community agencies to work together to promote success for students with disabilities in the educational setting.

The Family and Educator Partnership (FEP) began in 1984. It was started to provide opportunities for parents and educators to build partnerships to improve educational programs for students for special needs. The FEP is staffed by a family coordinator who brings the perspective of a parent with a child having special needs, and an educator coordinator who brings the perspective of the educational community. Central Rivers Area Education Agency (AEA) coordinators work directly with parents, schools, and outside agencies to promote success for all children and youth with disabilities.

There are many ways the FEP Coordinators collaborate with families, educators, and staff. This may include helping families to understand the special education process, including parent rights and responsibilities. They support families and educators through personal, phone, and email contact. This also includes attending Individual Family Service Plan/ Individual Education Plan (IFSP/IEP) meetings.

Do you have a student that is transitioning from early childhood into the school setting, or graduating high school? The FEP coordinators can provide support for transition and link families and educators to services within the Central Rivers AEA and the larger community.

The Central Rivers AEA FEP also has several resources readily available on our website,https://www.centralriversaea.org. These documents may be useful for families and educators and may be printed off for reference.

The FEP believes that creating partnerships early builds the foundation for family and student success. Communication builds successful partnerships.

Families, schools, and outside agencies are a team. When we partner and work together with open communication, it sets students up for success in the education setting. FEP Coordinators work together with families, schools, and staff to promote healthy and positive relationships within the team.


April Wooldridge is a family and educator

coordinator at Central Rivers AEA.


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