AI (Artificial Intelligence) integration for businesses is coming!

The last time I sat down to write this column, I’ll admit, I was short on time and shorter on ideas. I had recently been experimenting with the AI system called ChatGPT as a tool for creating written content, and seeing what all it could do.

It’s an impressive tool, and even more impressive is the way it comes across as natural language. The more specific the prompt you give it, the more pinpointed it can be. And so, I had it write my column for me! Now that column was fairly generic, but it passed as something that I could have written off the cuff and worked for my needs.

Fast-forward to earlier this week, and I had an opportunity to meet with an AI software integration company that works through a local Chamber Member, Premier, and connect about solutions that could be catered to our needs designed to not only accomplish tasks, but to make informed decisions when necessary.

The reality is that this world is coming. There will come a time in the near future where the strength of our computing power will so closely integrate with business operations that unique, specific, and highly tailored marketing will become the norm for large global businesses. I would encourage even some of our smallest businesses to begin looking into what tools like this could mean for them as an organization.

Here at the Chamber, we are looking at this type of tool for a few different pursuits. First, in our Economic Development efforts we are looking to have AI look for trends in businesses that are soon to be expanding to new locations by looking at what communication, stock prices, and other data trends happened in the months leading up to those announcements so that we can market directly to them. Then, we’re asking the tool to develop a customized catered marketing campaign aimed at that business based on what they are currently doing, and what they may need going forward.

Finally, we are asking the platform to search the internet for contact information for people in key roles and start that outreach. The goal is to develop a strong list of qualified leads in a whole host of industries in a matter of minutes or hours. Something like this could have taken a team weeks to do, but we have the resources to do in a moment.

These opportunities exist for so many businesses, whether its generating leads, making decisions around and processing orders, or even customizing marketing strategies. The value of this will be massive for those that learn the tools and embrace them early.

As you think about the future development of your business, or a business idea you might pursue, don’t discount the value of what AI can bring you, your team, and your company’s bottom line. Start with something little like typing the prompt “Write me a column about Leadership in Marshalltown, Iowa in 600 words” into ChatGPT and start to see what magic could unfold for your organization.


John Hall is the President and CEO of the

Marshalltown Area Chamber of Commerce.


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