The first Angel was Jane. She called while I was driving on Highway 63, north for Rochester, Minnesota. She was calling to ask me how to change her password on Facebook, that she had been hacked. I told her, “Jane, I’m on my way to the Mayo Clinic to pick up Joe. He’s dying and wants to go home. I’ve never been to Rochester, I don’t know if I can even find Joe.”

Jane, a prayer warrior, didn’t hesitate. “Let’s pray,” she said. And she did, Right there on the phone while I was driving. I felt so much better after hearing her voice and prayer. I relaxed. Somehow, I knew this was all going to work out.

When Joe called me, a couple of days earlier, and asked me to come and get him, I asked, “God, how am I going to do this? I’ve never been to Mayo before. But Joe needs taken to his home in Illinois. He may have less than a year to live.” Right then a feeling came over me. God had a job for me to do and He would provide all the strength I needed.

The second Angel was waiting for me at a convenience store outside of Rochester. I stopped to take a bathroom break before hitting heavy traffic. The guy was standing on the curb right in front of my parking space. He was looking at me and smiling, almost like he was waiting for me. I got out of the car and unloaded on him. “I’m headed for St. Mary’s Hospital to pick up my friend, Joe. He’s dying and needs a ride home. I’ve never been to Rochester.” The man didn’t hesitate. He gave me exact, easy to follow directions to St. Mary’s. Then he put his hand on my shoulder and prayed for Joe and me.

I went into the convenience store and there was Angel number three. She was a convenience store clerk handing out free samples of mac-and-cheese, two flavors: one regular and the other buffalo M&C. Only these weren’t the normal free samples that are just a taste, these were small cereal bowls full. I told her I’d take the buffalo M&C. How delicious, and just what I needed–nourishment before I hit the big city!

When I returned to my car, I located St. Mary’s Hospital on GPS, and was off again. The man’s directions were spot on. I had no trouble locating St. Mary’s. Joe told me he would be waiting at the emergency room entrance. Only there looked like there were three emergency room entrances. I stopped at the first and went in. Angel number four was waiting. She told me to go on to the main emergency room entrance. I pulled ahead to the next door. Before I could get out of the car, the same Angel number four came out, and with an angelic smile, pointed me toward the third and final emergency room door.

And there were angels, I swear, flying all over the parking lot, directing traffic! “Go here, go there, pull up to the door, your patient will be brought out to you.”

I did as I was told, and there was Joe, being brought out to me in a wheelchair. He was terribly skinny and pale, but happy to see me. I loaded him up and we were off.

On the way home, it was getting late, so we decided to stop at a mutual friend’s house (Angel number? I lost track.) and spend the night. The friend took us out to dinner at a Texas Roadhouse, and put us up for the night. I never slept so good.

The next morning, we breakfasted at a Hy-Vee. I had a store employee snap our picture. I call it, “The Three Amigos.”

I delivered Joe safe and sound to his home in Illinois. He’s doing well, considering. His attitude is good, and I have no doubt, that with prayer, he’s gong to fulfill God’s plan.

As I look back on this God Trip, I’m convinced that I was sent on a mission, and God placed Angels all along my path to pray, protect and guide me. Amen.


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