Elect Blum, Ernst

Washington, D.C. could use some new blood and two new members to Iowa’s Congressional ranks is a good way to start.

Dubuque businessman Rod Blum is a good choice for Iowa’s First Congressional District representative.

As a business owner, Blum grew his five-person company to more than 300 employees over the course of five years. He understands budgets and budget restraint – something desperately needed in Washington.

Blum also understands that while government has a role to play in the security and prosperity of all Americans, it shouldn’t stand in the way of potential business growth, meaning job growth. He wants to back measures that would simplify the tax code, eliminate corporate welfare, reduce bureaucratic hurdles and pass lawsuit abuse reform.

Blum will also be a champion for Iowa families by making college more affordable, encouraging stackable degrees, emphasizing work-study programs and more.

And if elected, don’t be surprised to see Blum work hand-in-hand with both Republicans and Democrats – he recognizes the need to avoid partisan battles and knows that “compromise” is not a dirty word.

Elect Rod Blum to Congress.

The battle for U.S. Senate is certainly more intense and the effort to replace veteran Sen. Tom Harkin has been one of the nastiest, hate-filled campaigns on record.

But in our belief that new ideas are needed in Washington, we’ll offer our support to Joni Ernst.

Young, energetic and a desire to make changes that all Iowans can be happy with, Ernst could be that change agent needed to make things better in D.C.

Bruce Braley has done an admirable job in his time as an Iowa congressman and should be given credit for some of the work he has done on behalf of veterans, teachers and middle-class Iowans.

Ernst, however, is a bold choice and she has surprised many by standing toe-to-toe with Braley during their three debates on the issues at hand. Her record as a state senator, and her efforts in fighting for a balanced budget, might be the catalyst for Washington insiders to change their position on the matter – offering a budget that is more in line with how Iowa families keep their checkbooks balanced.

If Ernst is elected, we hope she takes a more moderate stance – the same as the majority of Iowans – independent thinkers who are fiscally conservative but social moderates.

With that in mind, let’s make history and give the nod to Joni Ernst.