Reynolds is gaining influence

During Terry Branstad’s long tenure as our state’s governor, Iowans became accustomed to his influence nationally. His management of the Hawkeye State earned him the respect and admiration of state chief executives of both political parties.

Gov. Kim Reynolds has only been at the helm of state government since May, but she is already being recognized across the nation as a talented leader with a bright future. That became clear at the recently concluded summer meeting of the National Governors Association. She was chosen by her peers to serve on the NGA’s nine-person executive committee. That important group is charged with guiding the association’s priorities and activities.

The NGA is a bipartisan organization that includes all of the nation’s governors. This prestigious association is a collaborative effort to promote innovative state leadership, share best practices and speak with a collective voice on national policy. It is a bipartisan undertaking that can have great influence on leaders in Washington. When Democratic and Republican governors from diverse states achieve consensus on a policy matter, the president of the United States and members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives pay attention.

The current chairman of the NGA is Gov. Brian Sandoval, of Nevada. The vice chair is Gov. Steve Bullock of Montana. Joining Reynolds on the executive committees are Gov. Dan Malloy, Connecticut; Gov. Larry Hogan, Maryland; Gov. Rick Snyder, Michigan; Gov. Roy Cooper, North Carolina; Gov. Tom Wolf, Pennsylvania; and Gov. Terry McAuliffe, Virginia.

Even though she has just joined its august ranks, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Reynolds is already being seen by her peers as someone who is ideally suited to play a leadership role in the NGA. In her previous role as lieutenant governor she was a key leader in the National Lieutenant Governors Association. She was that group’s chairwoman for 2015-16.

The Times-Republican congratulates Reynolds on being chosen to help lead the NGA. We have been impressed with her record in Iowa, and feel certain she has much to contribute in this national forum.