Change needed to protect farmers

We have experienced one month of President Trump being in office. Is it good? I don’t know yet. Time will tell. I’m willing to give him time but hope the outcome will be better than the past four administrations. For agriculture, anything will be better than what we are looking at now. What do we plant? Waiting for a break-even price for our 2016 crops. Corn prices are held down so that ethanol can be produced cheap, that is until other fuels take ethanol’s place. Lower corn prices make it possible to keep producing beef and pork, but just barely. Mr. and Mrs. Lyndon LaRouche have some solutions which many of the world governments had adopted. Parity played a big part in the U.S. economy to help win World War II.

Iowa State Sen. Janet Petersen has introduced the Glass-Steagall bill to the Iowa Senate — VERY ENCOURAGING! All farmers should be pleased.


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