Trump’s presidency is hurting America

The following are a few things I’ve gathered about Mr. Trump that have affected me tremendously as an American. The worse was when Trump said he had never asked God’s forgiveness for anything. Was he putting himself above God?

I cried when I saw the widow of Ryan Owens regarding the order to Yemen at Trump’s speech to Congress. Then when Trump said that her husband had not died in vain and the information brought back would last into eternity, I wondered. When I found out that was all a lie and Trump had made that order at a dinner party in Florida, and it was a failed mission — killing many civilians, nine of them under age 13, I was appalled! Then Trump blamed it on President Obama! Trump, your lies are staggering. No wonder you don’t like the media — they catch your lies.

Trump signed an executive order to roll back the clean Power Plan rule (which we had thanks to President Obama). He said it would “help the communities economically ravaged by environmental regulations.” How in the world can communities be harmed by protecting the environment? I like what Annie of Greenwood Peace USA said, “Trump is just a fossil fuel industry stooge with a presidential pen.” I wouldn’t have put it that kindly myself. Look out farmers — you’re getting a 21 percent decrease in funding!

They’re trying to get a package to prevent a government shutdown. Then there’s Trump: wanting $30 billion for defense program; $3 billion for border security (including $1.5 billion for his wall). He would partially offset with 1 billion “unspecified cuts to domestic programs.”

What about the middle class? The poor and disabled here in America?

Mr. Trump has 75 pending private lawsuits from BEFORE the presidency once he took office. Eight-five of his companies have sued or been sued more than 4,000 times over the past four decades according to USA today. He still won’t turn over his tax returns.

Great Britain and Ireland are wagering on how long it will take Trump to put his face on Mount Rushmore. He’s a joke to other countries.

Is it too much to ask Mr. Trump, that you attend to the public’s business from the oval office? It costs us $2 million ever weekend you go to Florida.

At the degree of the millions that voted for Donald Trump, it gives one pause at the decaying moral and spiritual condition of the 21st century.