Finding a solution to the war on drugs

The war on drugs was never a war — it’s a political hoax America.

The war on drugs has to come to an end, and this is why it: Society is too close to facing world collapse due to this never-ending war against drugs. Politicians making misleading speeches begging America that we need more drug laws to solve all the problems in our economy today, but in reality it won’t solve a thing. It’ll only get worse due to our defiant nature.

Truth is all this drug war has created for us is grounds for criminals to socially organize from. And we have gained nothing from fighting this childish war on drugs. Legalization is an option that we must consider, if we’re ever to reduce crime in our country.

The prisons across America are literally overpopulated with drug addicts, and because of this, lawmakers debate every year whether to use more tax money for prisons or rehabilitation facilities.

This is our biggest problem, America, and over half of our prison imitates are in prison for non-violent drug charges.

The war on drugs can only be won through legalization, and a very high number of our American youth, our future, is in prisons for non-violent drug related offenses. That’s not just a problem for them, it’s a problem for us, too.

Legalization has been successful historically in America, and the proof is from the 20th century — the prohibition of alcohol. Much like the crimes you see today the meltdown in the 1920s were very much the same to the ones you see today. If government were to use same formula from the 1920s, our war on drugs wouldn’t be a war on drugs anymore. By legalizing drugs our nation would save $20 billion every year. Fact is many illegal drugs were made illegally in America because of historical and political events. Legalization is the option that we must put into action if we wish to end this war on drugs in our country.