MEGA-10 making a difference

MEGA-10 was begun 28 years ago and has continued to fund projects through generous contributions from people who live in or have an interest in Marshalltown and desire to contribute to helping Marshalltown strive to be a ‘perfect 10.’

Over the years, MEGA-10 has been a catalyst and supporter for scores of major projects in Marshalltown including the Marshalltown Public Library, the bike trails, Grimes Farm, the softball parks, Iowa River Hospice, the Iowa River Wildlife Trail, MEGA-10 Park and the Freedom Rock project, just to name a few of the countless projects totaling over $1.5 million in contributions that MEGA-10 has supported.

MEGA-10 hopes to continue that tradition of helping Marshalltown be a better place as we approach our 29th year. But we can only do this with your help.

These projects listed, as well as countless others, started out as a good idea from people like you hoping to make Marshalltown and Central Iowa an even better place in which to live, work and raise families. MEGA-10 continues to look for local project ideas to fund.

And so MEGA-10 needs your ideas and your support. Please consider becoming a member or continuing your membership of MEGA-10. It is only $52 per year, but that one dollar per week from many individuals has helped spearhead over $1.5 million in projects in Marshalltown. Make $52 checks payable to “MEGA-10” mailed to: MEGA-10, 112 W. Church St., Marshalltown, Ia 50158.

The annual meeting for MEGA-10 will be held at 7 a.m., Fri. Dec 1 at Perkins. All members of MEGA-10 or anyone wishing to join are welcome to attend the meeting to help determine and finalize projects for this coming year. If you are unable to attend but would like to suggest a project for consideration, please let any board member below know.