‘I am native born; do not try to manipulate me’

There are not enough words allowed in this editorial to fairly explore the topic of today’s immigration issues. I do not mean to be one-sided or unkind but I deeply resent the use and abuse by radicals and activists who use emotionally-laden words to manipulate and divide the American people.

Diversity: I was in Kenya when they were having their national elections. Kenya is a country of many tribes that have been trying to come together to form a united country of peace. That has not been their history. The largest tribe wins and shares the spoils of power among the members of its tribe, continuing the resentment and division. Let me be clear, that is what is happening in this country.

Activists use the emotionally charged and ubiquitous word “Diversity” not to unite but to divide. Diversity of cultures and ideas can be enriching. I have sought it out all my life. But when used to manipulate it turns to the negative side and sews division. What keeps it in check are unifying factors: common language, shared traditions, beliefs and history, respect for our laws; rule by logic, reason, facts but tempered by mercy. But it is not unity these activists want — it is division, for it gives them power.

Compassion: Compassion is another emotionally-charged word. Everything is lumped under its umbrella, so how can you be against compassion? According to the activists you can only be compassionate if you agree with them. If you disagree you are called racist, bigot, anti-immigration and on and on it goes. Where is the compassion for our citizens along the border whose lives are in danger?! Where is the compassion for the victims of drug, human and sex trafficking which our porous border encourages and allows?

I am for legal, thoughtful and measured immigration which adds to the enrichment and unity of our country. Somewhere, generations ago, my ancestors were immigrants. But I am not an immigrant. I am native born; do not try to manipulate me.

Our representatives and community leaders who are suppose to protect their citizens and put their concerns first have consistently let us down. Such action actually promotes prejudice. So, yes, Jeff Hutton, let’s elevate the conversation by banning activists, name calling and invite to the table the average citizen and listen to them first and show respect.