Poppy Days promotes freedom

“American Runs Free Because of Those Who Served Our Country” is the motto for this years Poppy Days. The memorial poppy is a symbol of honor and respect for all who have served in the military, past and present. For more than 70 years the American Legion Auxiliary has sponsored Poppy Days to remind Americans that thousands have sacrificed their lives and health to keep our nation strong and free.

Poppy Days is a whole community event, starting with the Mayor signing the proclamation declaring May 17-19 as Marshalltown Poppy Days. The poppy flower is made in Marshalltown by Iowa Veterans Home residents and will be distributed by many dedicated local volunteers at Fareway, HyVee and Walmart. There is also an amazing Poppy display window at our local mall, please stop out as it’s a must see.

Wearing a poppy is a way of showing that you remember and are grateful to those who made it possible to preserve our freedom. Your token of appreciation also shows your graditude by supporting our Veterans and Families Welfare Fund.

Hope to see everyone during the 2018 Poppy Days! Thank you Marshalltown for all you do.