Comments and Candidates

The candidates for the November elections have been chosen.

We have already heard from them what a terrible job Gov. Reynolds is doing. A couple of the candidates have stated what their goals are (paraphrased).

Candidate Hubbell has already stated he would run against Gov. Reynolds on her record and values. His goals would be to re-instate collective bargaining, changes in school curriculum, funding for Planned Parenthood (continue stopping fetus heartbeats) and not allow tax credits to help businesses move to Iowa to provide jobs.

Candidate Cindy Axne said she is going to watch President Trump and take action where required. It sounds like she will join the other obstructionists.

Since these two candidates are loyal Democrats I would like to hear if they will support the leaders of their party, Sen. Schumer and Rep. Pelosi, in their extreme hatred for our president and their dedication to see that he is impeached if the Democrats gain control the the house and senate in the November election.

Since we are concerned with values, here are some other items the leaders of the Democrat Party are advocating.

Recognition of MS-13.

Repeal of the federal tax cut.

Recognizing sanctuary cities/states.

Continue to obstruct all GOP programs and appointments.

Support of Chain Immigration.

Support of Lottery Immigration.

Funding Planned Parenthood (56,000,000+ abortions since Roe vs. Wade was passed). That is a lot of votes.

No support for a wall to protect our southern boarders.

These are a few of the goals stated by the leaders of the Democrat Party and there are others. I hope the candidates will clarify their allegiance to their party leaders values, it does make a difference in Iowa.

For the amount of money the Hubbells have contributed, he is a noted Democrat donor at more than $470,000 in state level contributions in addition to thousands at national level (I bet everything was state and federal tax deductible too).

It is a short time to the November elections, remember, you will get what you vote for, and values do count.