What is the Fourth of July really celebrating?

I was happy to see and hear the rain and lightening come down after the Fourth of July fireworks. It seemed to clear away all the smoke in the air which hovered in the streets and lawns around my home. These were the fireworks which were set off by my next door neighbors. They were set off at the end of the open driveway after they looked up and down the street to see if any police were driving near. One after another Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon into the dark of night they were set off.

Is this what our American men and woman have lost their blood and lives for, so their next door neighbors can break the law set by the city of Marshalltown? Is this freedom?

Time and time again they would look and than light each firework. Is this what Americans serve for?

I was told by the police dispatcher not to call 911 the second time I called to report this crime. This is not an emergency she said, please use the other number. Thank you, I will, I said. Than I thought, “Really? Is breaking the law not an emergency?”

I was not happy to see and hear what was happening in my neighborhood.

This is not what celebrating the Fourth of July is about for me.