Appreciates tornado coverage

After the devastating Thurs. July 19 EF-3 tornado hit Marshalltown, the scars will show up for a long time. Marshalltown is a very strong community. It will come back. It will take time. Even though there is a lot of help from around the country, and within Iowa. More help will be on the way. It’s nice to see the local people and people away from Marshalltown working together. The Red Cross, etc., deserves a big thank you!

It’s nice to know Marshalltown’s biggest employers will stay in Marshalltown. Lennox will rebuild. JBS plant will operate. They are here to support you, Marshalltown.

Personally, I will miss seeing some of the Marshalltown’s downtown historical buildings that were hit by the tornado. They may have to be demolished. Sad!

I’ve enjoyed the T-R’s great coverage of the tornado. Damage stories, photos and Marshalltown’s own stories. I’ve been collecting every one of the T-Rs since the July 20 issue to the present. Thank you for your great coverage. A big thank you to the T-R staff for saving Daniel Fiser. That young man could have died. Thankfully with this storm there were no deaths and very few injuries.

I live at IVH. IVH was spared from the tornado. We are all OK. We lost trees on the south side of compus, with minor roof damage. That was it, thankfully.

Again, hats off to the Alliant Energy crews working hard to get electricity and gas back on.