Trump does not attack journalism, he attacks fake news

First let me refresh everyone about the Times-Republican’s response on how they refer to the President: i.e. We reference the person’s title (President) in the first paragraph of the article and thereafter as his/her name! Read the T-R’s “Our view” is a case in point — first sentence refers to the president as just Donald Trump.

This particular article refers to “Trump’s attack on journalism threatens democracy.” The president does not attack journalism — he attacks fake news — or is the Times-Republican saying they both are the same? The fake news is commentators making comments relating to “their opinions” and many are opinions that are attached to fake or misleading information. These journalists are not journalists at all because they fail to fact check their information. A journalist is supposed to fully check their information and the viability of the informant. This does not occur in too many cases. The writer (journalist?) lets their imagination and bias lead them to conclusions that are described as an opinion at best. TV hosts and writers (columnists) who hate the president (because he won) love to bias their reports or even lie about incidents. If you watch any TV you see the Democrats do this continually (lie and even threaten) and if you watch CNN or MSNBC that’s all you see.

Oh, by the way, the U.S. is not a democracy it is a Democratic Republic (check the dictionary or read your History book for the difference). The “free press” is not free if they continually lie or bias their reports to meet liberal requirements. This country was built on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights — not lies and bias by the liberals. Get off the far left liberals train and get on the truth train. The truth is uplifting and refreshing — try it you will like it.