Come see the Messiah

Historically excited and emotionally spent, Phillip found Nathaniel and proclaimed, “We have found the Messiah, the man Moses spoke about.” This was not just a coincidence that happened, it was a promised event the Jews knew was going to come about. For hundreds of years, they expected this Messiah.

With tongue in cheek, Nathanael almost apologetically said, “Can any good thing come out of this town?” Jesus’ hometown was not known for much except rebellion and raucous behavior. What Nathanael was asking was, how can the perfect son of God come out of that unrighteous place? How can the Holy Son of God be born here? But after meeting Christ, Phillip knew he was right, he was the Messiah and by faith, Nathanael believed. Nathaniel was invited to come and see for himself if Christ was the promised Messiah.

That is a place we all have to be invited. A second question should be asked alongside this one. “Can you trust the voice of the person making this claim, namely, the Messiah? If we want forgiveness of sins, we have to believe that Jesus was the price God was willing to pay. For reasons known only to God, Jesus was born here. A question of equal importance is “Since God is pure goodness and cannot lie, can you believe what God says about himself?”

We must choose to live in love, peace, patience, kindness, understanding and forgiveness because the father of rebellion is satan. In the third chapter of Genesis, God is telling our relatives that he will provide a savior, a way out of their mess. About now, Adam and Eve must be feeling “can any good thing come from God.” But folks, that is the reason each of us is alive. We must choose to believe that God did provide a way. He has expressed it so many times that there is salvation at the end of our life, if we only believe.

As we age toward our own demise we must take these two questions and deal with them: Is the voice of God trustworthy and do we believe that Jesus is the Messiah who came to die for our sins? In our search for this truth, we must be invited to the same conditions. “Come see for yourself if salvation has arrived in this man!”