Shutdown points to Trump’s lack of morals

It is apparent President Donald Trump has no moral compass and it appears the Republican party threw away its moral compass. There was no government shutdown during the Cuban Missile Crisis nor during the sneak attack on the World Trade Center. Both instances were far more serious that what is occurring on our border with Mexico. Unless the images of poor desperate hungry brown skinned folks crossing our southern border poses a more serious threat to the American psychic than the threat of nuclear holocaust, destructive climate change or suicide bombers. If so then America’s value system is more seriously flawed and deranged then I imagined.

Like most American presidents, Trump will never come to grips with the brutal history of American imperialism inflicted against Mexico and Central America. Oh yes the chickens have come home to roost. Human misery sowed by U.S. imperialist dog-eat-dog capitalism is knocking on our doorsteps.

Trump acting out his childlike personality is sowing mistrust against the government. He signed the tax bill that gave a huge transfer of wealth from workers and farmers into the pockets of the super rich and powerful U.S. and international corporations. Now his appointees who run FEMA claim there is no more money available for disaster victims in Marshalltown.

Trump signed a bill to give the defense department a $60 billion increase. However, recent auditors could not complete their work auditing the defense department because of massive accounting fraud. Why wasn’t that a front page story screaming from the pages of major news outlets?

Oh yes folks, there is lots of money to address human suffering both here and south of the border but Trump gave it to himself and his plutocratic friends at top of the economic ladder and has further enriched crooked military contractors.

How would powerful voices from the past like Martin Luther King Jr., Malcom X, Dorothy Day, Frederick Douglas, Crazy Horse, Gandhi, Archbishop Romero, Eugene Debs or Gen. Dwight Eisenhower deal with Trump’s destructive shut down? I believe they would shout worker solidarity. If I had the power I would tell all workers who work for any of Trumps hotels, golf courses, casinos and factories to walk out. I would tell all the government janitors to go home and let those Republican Senators clean up their own toilets and offices. I would send a message to all the plutocrats that you ain’t seen nothing yet.