Thank you to all working in tornado recovery

When I visited Marshalltown in September, it was clear that just two months after the tornado the city was well on its way to recovery. As you mark the six-month anniversary, that progress appears to be continuing.

Many factors come together to make this possible, from the involvement of volunteers to the commitment of local businesses to the dedication of city leaders and staff. It’s safe to say that some involved in the recovery have been quietly working 12-hour days since the tornado hit.

Is this exhausting? Yes. Does it lead to physical and emotional burnout? Yes. Can that stall the recovery? Possibly.

That’s why it is so critical on this anniversary to reach out and say “thank you” Whether you are content with the direction things are going or would like to see change, there is no denying those behind the scenes are doing their very best and sometimes risking everything to lead Marshalltown to its new normal.

So shake someone’s hand. Write a note to a city worker. Buy a volunteer lunch. One smile or expression of gratitude can keep a person going. You can be the fuel that helps keep Marshalltown Strong.