The power of ignorance

Many of my friends and I are deeply concerned about what is happening in our democracy. A bipartisan group of former U.S. Senators voiced a similar concern. What I hear in discussion by pundits in the media (newspapers, magazines and television) is that we do need to be concerned. The “Washington Swamp,” as then-candidate President Donald Trump told us, was a festering mess of corrupt politicians and their cronies, who were motivated by greed and self interest. He was going to “Make America Great Again.” It appears that “Trumpism,” as we title his presidency, has failed from the very beginning, fails today and we all shudder to think about tomorrow.

He did win the election, but not the popular vote. We listened. His inauguration saw the greatest turnout of people, as he still incorrectly states. Then he was going to have the best and greatest cabinet and staff ever. You be the judge. He said Mexico would pay to build a wall to protect our southern border. As you heard, everything he did would be the greatest, the best and the finest.

I, personally, have never trusted him since in his campaign he stated, “I know more than the generals do.” President Trump is so full of his ignorance that he stated we could not impeach someone who was doing such a good job. The problem is we have elected him to the highest office in the land. His is the most powerful position in the world, and we are now suffering what I choose to call, the power of ignorance.

Trumpism is poisoning our democracy, our culture and our economy. He is also poisoning our traditional concept of decency, our civility and our commitment to fairness, equality and honesty. His very actions continue to divide us. It seems that every day there is breaking news about a tweet, action or firing that has significant impact on the climate, diplomacy, jobs, paychecks, health care, Wall Street or Iowa farmers.

We all must get involved. Contact friends, visit with neighbors, call members of Congress ‚Äî do something. Too often the president’s actions are not based on law, facts or tradition‚Äî but his ignorance. The majority of Americans know this. Hence we are suffering from powers exercised on the basis of his ignorance.