Disappointed in council decision on police headquarters

The recent decision of the city council to sell the police station to YSS for only $35 should catch the interest of every citizen.

Let me first say that I fully support YSS and the services they provide. They have been a valuable asset in our community for many years and hopefully, for many years yet to come.

However, their offer to purchase the police station for $35 was just that — an offer. They have expenses to consider and it only makes sense to make a purchase of this magnitude for as little as possible.

But I believe the city should also be cognizant of their dollars — which aren’t really their dollars at all. Money made, saved and spent by the city is provided by the taxpayers. Every decision made by council therefore impacts every taxpayer in the community.

YSS earned the right to have a discount considered. But would it have been so unfair to ask YSS to pay a price closer to market value? One solution may have been to accept an offer of $35,000 below market value. YSS would still get a great price. And the city (read: taxpayers) would get a nice return.

Again, I’m happy to see that YSS made an investment in Marshalltown and we’re lucky to have them. However, it’s safe to say that we could have used more than $35 in the city coffer.

I encourage every citizen to take note of how council makes decisions and to decide if you’d make the same decisions with your money.