Blackface, immigration, jobs and national debt

My thoughts on blackface, immigration, jobs and the national debt.

Blackface — Teaching a country school at 17, I can remember having a copy of the Ten Commandments above the blackboard (something young people today need badly). I also remember our production of a “Minstrel Show” and innocently blackened the children’s faces. You could not do either today. It must be pointed out — I admire and deeply care about my Asian, Hispanic and black friends and I would never think or say or do anything that would hurt them. I feel they are highly respectful, work hard and are God-fearing.

Immigration – I know in Colorado, where my daughter lives, the Mexicans have work permits to work in the vineyards and peach orchids but go back home to live. I don’t know if they have to pay into Social Security or not, but their employers should carry health insurance for them while here as immigrants. I so hate them to be misrepresented.

Jobs — It seems to me that the increase in jobs came from the 14 national disasters in 2018 — fires in California and including the tornadoes we went through here in Marshalltown and floods around the country. The many disasters created the number one job increase in construction than health and nursing. The administration takes credit for this, but I believe Mother Nature has been the big creator of jobs. The new tax law deserves some credit, but what is it going to do to the national debt?

The national debt — Going back to President Reagan (a distant relative of mine) he left California in the red and tripled the national debt, the two Bushes who I also voted for — each doubled it and was dumped into Obama’s lap, ending in the upper 18 trillions when Trump took over and it is in the 20 or 22 trillions now. So folks, we have a lot to be worried about — we need to all tighten our belts. So to me, the National Emergency we should be talking about is our national debt.