Iowa farmers support Rep. Dean Fisher

Agriculture is a vital component of Iowa’s economy, and it follows that policy should serve to protect Iowa’s farms from additional burdens rather than impose further barriers to productivity. One person who is fighting for Iowa Agriculture is Rep. Dean Fisher.

Rep. Fisher is standing up for Iowa by not opening up H.F. 203, which would put a moratorium on hog building construction in Iowa. This moratorium would serve to accomplish nothing besides damage to Iowa’s economy. According to the Iowa Pork Producers Association, 1 in in nearly 12 working Iowans has a job tied to the pork industry. In addition, the pork industry contributed $36.7 billion to the state economy in 2015. These figures represent not only the significance of pork production to the Iowa economy, but the Iowans Rep. Fisher is serving in office.

Rep. Fisher, thank you for standing up for Iowa agriculture. The state of Iowa, its citizens and agricultural economy needs leaders like you now more than ever.