Let the democratic process work

I was at the capitol last week to support a bill that would put a moratorium on new or expanding factory farms and what I learned was shameful. Rep. Dean Fisher is singlehandedly blocking this bill even though it is his job to assign the bill to a sub-committee.

Thousands of Iowans are calling for a moratorium on new or expanding factory farms. Twenty-five counties have passed resolutions calling for a moratorium, local control or stronger permitting standards for factory farms. That’s 1 in 5 counties. Iowans across the state are ready for discussion and debate on this bill.

In spite of this, Rep. Fisher is refusing to assign H.F. 203 to a sub-committee. What is he afraid of? Why won’t he let the democratic process work?

Iowans across the state deserve to see this bill discussed by a sub-committee. Call Rep. Fisher at 1-888-724-8946 and tell him to assign H.F. 203 to a sub-committee, and give Iowans a chance to weigh in. The quality of our water, our air and life are on the line.